Fund A Cure

Chrysoulakis Family

There are moments in life forever etched in your mind. The moment you met your future spouse, the moment you first held your child or the moment you said goodbye to a loved one. For our family, December 9, 2013 will forever be emblazoned in our minds as the day our lives changed forever.

Noticing that our son Alex had been drinking an excessive amount of water, we rushed him to his doctor and received news no parent wants to hear, “your son has type one diabetes”. We can remember his face as we had to give him his first insulin injection…he was scared, we were scared, but we will forever remember his heartbreaking words, “It’s Ok, I can take it”. No nine year old child should ever have to utter those words.

What followed that moment was the realization that T1D doesn’t quit. There is never a break from constant finger pricks, calculations, shots, tears, fears and frustration. Every day, Alex must carefully plan everything he does. Playing with friends, being outside in the cold, enjoying an "intense" video game, or watching a scary movie, can all have a drastic effect on his blood sugar level.

Alex’s response to this disease has been nothing less than amazing. In the last 4 years, he has worked tirelessly to raise thousands of dollars for T1D research through his One Walk team and continues to volunteer as a JDRF youth ambassador. We are committed to finding a cure for T1D and we hope you will join us this year by supporting the 2017 Promise Ball.