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Heroes for the Cure

Saturday, May 9 — 6:00 p.m. Connecticut Convention Center Hartford, CT


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Event Information

Did you get the details?

Saturday, May 9

Connecticut Convention Center

6:00 p.m.

Cocktail Reception and Silent Auction

7:45 p.m.

Dinner, Award Presentation, Live Auction and Fund A Cure

10:30 p.m.

Entertainment and Dancing


The JDRF Promise Ball is Black Tie Optional.


Individual tickets are $250

RSVP by April 24, 2015

Just as a reminder, ticket purchases and Fund A Cure gifts may be conveniently purchased online by selecting the yellow button at the bottom of this page, or by calling the JDRF office directly at 860-470-0020.

Directions & Parking Information

Connecticut Convention Center
100 Columbus Boulevard
Hartford, CT 06103

Click here for door–to–door driving directions.

The Convention Center's main lobby is located on Columbus Blvd. It is accessible from Level P1 of the parking garage. Level P5 of the garage tower provides an alternate entrance, along an outdoor esplanade, to the Convention Center's riverside entrance. Parking is complimentary.

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2015 Honorees

CEO of Prime Materials Recovery, Inc.

Bernard Schilberg is the CEO of Prime Materials Recovery, Inc, headquartered in East Hartford, CT. Bernie has served the closely held company for 37 years in many various capacities including operations, sales and marketing, and strategic planning. Bernard also serves on the Board of Directors of the Copper Club as well as the Copper and Brass Fabricators Council. He is a member of the American Copper Council where he is a Past Chairman, as well as the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, and the Wire Association. He received the United Nation's ADL Metal's Torch of Liberty Award in 1993, and the Wire Association’s Distinguished Career Award in 2005.

Bernard has been an active supporter of JDRF through his longtime friendships with Bob Samuels and Jim Calhoun. He has supported the Hartford Walk to Cure Diabetes, the Annual Promise Ball Gala, and many other JDRF programs. He has also been involved in many charitable organizations, including the UConn Foundation, The Rotary Club, and Junior Achievement. Bernard received his BS degree in Accounting from Bryant University in 1977, and completed his CPA requirements in 1978. He resides in South Windsor with his wife Beth. They three sons, David, Bryan, and Robb, two daughters-in-law, Amber and Rachel, and two granddaughters, Adison and Leah.

Bob, Renee, Diane, Steven, Jon, and Michael Samuels

Bob and Renee Samuels of West Hartford became involved with JDRF in 1988 when their son Michael was diagnosed at the age of 16. Carol Lurie, one of the co-founders of JDRF came to visit Bob and Renee soon after Michael’s diagnosis and asked them to get involved with JDRF. Bob soon became active in the North Central CT/Western Mass Chapter and in 1990 he joined the International Board of Directors (IBOD) where he served as vice president of fundraising and as a member of the executive, nominating and conference committees.

In his time on IBOD, Bob spearheaded the growth of the Walk To Cure Diabetes program, leveraging his contacts in the supermarket industry to launch JDRF's paper sneaker sales campaign. Four major current sneaker sale campaigns started with Bob: TOPS Friendly Markets in Western New York started in 1993 and has raised over $9.43 million. The campaign started with Bob reaching out to his friend Larry Castellani , who after leaving TOPS took the sneaker sale campaign idea with him when he became CEO of Advance Auto Parts. Advanced Auto has conducted the campaign for the past 21 years and has raised over $40 million for JDRF. Stop & Shop's annual paper sneaker sales campaign was started with Bob’s contacts in the supermarket industry and today has raised over $9.1 million. In addition, in 1994 Bob asked his good friend Jerry Rossi to start a paper sneaker sales campaign at his clothing retailer, Marshall's. The Marshall's paper sneaker sales campaign started with 10 stores and today has grown to over 900 stores and raises more than $3 million annually.

Bob and Renee were early donors to the Artificial Pancreas Project (APP), making a $500,000 gift to help get the project started. As a result of his work on IBOD, JDRF honored Bob with the International Volunteer of the Year award. The Samuels have also been strong fundraisers in the Greater Hartford community. Bob has remained very active in his local JDRF chapter, serving as gala chair, board president and an influential force in the chapters fundraising and outreach activities. The entire Samuels Family has supported JDRF: Renee has served on the chapter Board of Directors and been active on the Promise Ball gala committee. Michael has served on the New England Chapter's Board of Directors and has run the Boston Marathon for JDRF, raising over $75,000 annually. Steven has supported the Promise Ball gala, raising over $100,000 annually and donating valuable auction items. His daughter Diane has served on the gala planning committee and has been a regular supporter of the event. Jon supports JDRF from California, contributing to the marathon and gala.

former University of Connecticut Head Men's Basketball Coach

Jim Calhoun, former University of Connecticut Head Men's Basketball Coach, is a long-time friend of Bob Samuels, and has been involved with JDRF for over 20 years. He played a key role in the growth of the Hartford Walk to Cure Diabetes, has served as an Honorary Chair of the Promise Ball Gala, and has been an Honorary Member of the Chapter's Board of Directors for the past 10 years.

When the Hartford Walk to Cure was in its early years, Bob Samuels asked Jim for his support of the event. Jim brought the men's basketball Players to the Walk where they signed autographs and met the walkers. Because of the team's national fame, the players' presence was a huge boost to the event and helped to draw participants and valuable media attention. Jim also attended many of the Walk's planning meetings, offering insight and expertise as to how to grow the event and raise more money. His support of the Walk to Cure helped build it into the fundraising success it is today.

Jim's phenomenal coaching success story includes three NCAA National Championships (1999, 2004, 2011) at Connecticut, and four appearances in the Final Four. In 2005, Jim earned basketball's highest honor while still an active coach: Election into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. In 2006, along with the other greats of the game, he was also inducted into the National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame as a member of its founding class. Jim's overall record as a collegiate head coach is 873-380, moving into rarified air and status as a member of the 800-win college coaching fraternity with a win over Marquette on February 25, 2009. Coach Calhoun is one of only eight Division I coaches in NCAA history to have earned his way into that 800-win club. He ranks sixth all-time and third among active coaches in coaching victories, and he is first among active coaches in number of games coached.

Why Support JDRF?

Parents founded JDRF in 1970 with a goal of helping their children by funding research to find a cure for a poorly understood and often deadly disease. Their efforts brought us all closer to life-changing therapies and the journey continues today. It is up to us to take their vision across the finish line. JDRF is your best partner for translating discoveries into life-changing advances and a cure.

One fact is inescapable: increased funding is essential to reach our goal. Clinical trials and clinical development is increasingly expensive. Basic research in mice is costly but proof of effectiveness, safety and market preparation in humans is even more so.

As successful as we have been to date, we know that the gap between where we are now and delivering life-changing therapies on the horizon is large. We need to increase the number of dollars we deploy annually so we can exploit the exciting opportunities in front of us. Your contribution will help change the pace of T1D advancements, accelerating progress down the path to improving lives and curing T1D.

JDRF is uniquely positioned to create a future without T1D

  • We drive advances across every stage of the Discovery, Development and Delivery pipeline from earliest research to human trials to new product launch.
  • We partner with academia, foundations, industry, governments, regulators and insurers because curing a disease requires a global, coordinated effort at which JDRF is at the center.
  • JDRF is the largest nongovernmental funder of T1D research.
  • We are global and exclusively T1D-focused, simultaneously engaging research, industry and governments worldwide.
  • JDRF utilizes a dedicated internal team of 24 Ph.D. and M.D. scientists with experience in translating research in academia and industry and managing/measuring for progress toward our strategic goals.
  • We are highly efficient, with more than 80% of what we spend going directly to fulfill our mission.
  • We are powered by passionate volunteers, staff and donors like you.
  • We have no endowment: every dollar we spend every year to fund the execution of our plan must be secured through your annual support.

Fund A Cure

100% of Fund A Cure donations go to research and are fully tax–deductible.

2015 Fund A Cure Family - The Lybecks

The Lybeck Family

2015 Fund A Cure Family

If you ask our 13-year-old son, Brian, how long ago he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (T1D), he will probably give you a vague answer such as “right before I started sixth grade,” but for us, as his parents, the exact date is burned into our memory. August 5, 2013 was the day Brian’s life – and our family’s life – changed forever. Our introduction to T1D was sudden and scary. We thought Brian had food poisoning or the stomach flu, but it turned out that he was suffering from diabetic ketoacidosis, a life-threatening complication of undiagnosed T1D that resulted in a 3-day stay in the Pediatric ICU. We then embarked on the steep learning curve that is life with T1D. We had no idea how much work – and math – would be involved. Although you would think that the physical pain associated with finger pricks and injections would be the worst part, the mental toll is sometimes even harder. Managing T1D is an unrelenting 24/7 job as we strive to keep Brian’s blood sugar in a normal range. Brian must know the carb count for every bite of food he puts into his mouth, so that he can give himself the proper amount of insulin. He has to frequently adjust his insulin dose to account for exercise, stress, and a seemingly never-ending list of other variables. As Brian said not long after he was diagnosed, “I just want to be a normal kid again.”

Fund A Cure is a unique opportunity to make a gift in which 100% of the proceeds will go directly to support JDRF's research program. Since its inception in 1970, JDRF has funded virtually every major breakthrough in diabetes research. The path to a cure for diabetes is as complex as the disease itself, but tremendous progress is being made every day and the goal is in sight. Supporting Fund A Cure is the best way for you to become a direct part of this process.

Donations of $5,000 and above will be announced the night of the event. All donations of $500 and above received by April 9, 2015 will be acknowledged in the program journal.


Annually, The Promise Ball features a silent and live auction with exclusive items such as luxury travel packages, VIP sports packages, exciting entertainment packages, collectibles, and more!

Click here to donate an item for the 2015 Heroes for the Cure silent or live auction.


Gala Leads and Board of Directors

Gala Chair

Linda Wright

Project Manager

Kerrin Sears

Hartford Board
  • President

    Robert Samuels

    DMJ Management

  • Vice President

    Charles Murray

    Travelers (retired)

  • Secretary

    Britt Ryan


  • Treasurer

    Jim Baranowski

    Clinical Laboratory Partners

  • Marc Schmittlein


  • Anthony Abate


  • Kevin Brayton

    Prudential Retirement

  • John Cantillon

    Pratt & Whitney

  • Joe D'Ambrosio

    CBS Radio/NBC Connecticut

  • Jane Cerosky

    Cisco Systems

  • Katherine Cooke

    Mass Mutual

  • Cem Demirci

    Connecticut Children's Medical Center

  • Dr. Nancy Dunbar

    Connecticut Children’s Medical Center

  • Elizabeth Maldonado

    Northeast Utilities

  • Charles "Chip" Olson

    People's United Bank

  • Rebecca Morris

    SPED Consultant

  • Rina Patel

    Dyno Nobel

  • Dr. Kinga Pluta

    Cooley Dickinson Hospital

  • Diane Ravech

    Women's Health

  • Mark Robitaille


  • Eileen Armas

    NBC Connecticut

  • Raymond Esposito

    Old Lime Productions

  • Cheryl Bessette

  • Research Information Volunteer

    Steven Ruby, M.D.

    St. Francis Hospital

  • Medical Advisor To Board

    Susan Ratzan, M.D.

    Connecticut Children's Medical Center

  • Honorary Board Member

    James A. Calhoun

    Head Coach Emeritus, UCONN Men's Basketball

Greater New Haven Board
  • President

    Adrienne Block

  • Vice-President

    Carol Goldberg

  • Treasurer

    Armand Rossi

    Marcum, LLP

  • Secretary

    Gerald Garcia

  • Amanda Updyke

    Quinnipiac University (student)

  • Rob Card

    KCI Medical

  • Doug Schwan

    Why Science, LLC

  • Rosale Lobo

    Southern CT State University

  • Michael Ferguson

  • Allisan Adams, Esquire

  • Kathleen Ahern

    Johnson & Johnson

  • Linda Bell

  • Kenneth Boroson

    Kenneth Boroson Architects

  • Dr. Gerald & Marilyn Fishbone

  • Dr. Kevan Herold

    Yale Medical School

  • Bunny Kasper

  • Dr. Stuart Weinzimer

    Yale School of Medicine

  • Kurt Mazurosky

    Prime Publishers, Inc.

  • Dr. Jennifer Sherr

    Yale School of Medicine

  • Charles O'Connell


  • Karen Graffeo

    Bittersweet Diabetes

  • Dr. Jeremy Springhorn

    Alexion Pharmaceuticals

  • Christopher O'Connor

    Yale New Haven Health System

  • Kim Folts

  • Stephen Squinto


  • Joan & Milt Wallack

  • Albert Subloie

    Tangoe, Inc.

  • Paul Rossi

    North American Power & Gas, LLC

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